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Cleaning stainless Steel Appliances

Stainless Steel Cleaning and Polishing

Have you tried many different products when it comes to stainless steel Appliance cleaning, we had.

We would always have smears, stains, blemishes or the Cleaner would be to oily and get residual on everything, also dust would stick to it.

Finger print marks, hand marks would appear soon after.

We would have to clean the showroom stainless steel displays every day.

We even sold e-cloth type products which were OK for a while but soon got dirty and became greasy, clogged up and work out expensive.

We have nothing against e-cloth type products, I used one for the glass on my laptop but I still had to use a cleaner to degrease greasy finger prints that wouldn’t come of with the e-cloth.

One day we installed a bathroom for a chemist [David] and we talked with him about this problem and he said that he could work out a formula that could do this job for us.

A week or so later he came into the showroom with a little aerosol tin of spray smile at us and said try this.

We got some kitchen paper applied the spray onto the stainless steel cooker and wiped it off and that was it.

We were delighted and some what amazed at how simple it removed marks and prints so we began to quiz him on the content.

He explained to us about the different types of brushed stainless steel Mattstainless steel, polished stainless-steel, satin stainless steel, lacquer coated stainless steel appliances and the problems of cleaning them and protecting them from future contamination.

He explained about dullness and dryness in the metal and that it needs to be conditioned to give it a lustre and shine.

His product also had a built in degreaser which is why it was so effective on our extractor hoods.

He continued to say why other brand name cleaners specifly foam cleaner do not work well.

He explained about rust spots and various other aspects.

Next we tried the product on a large American stainless steel fridge freezer and it came up wonderfully with just one wipe.

We had the showroom shining in no time just testing and trying the product out, it was a such delight to use not to mention it had a lovely lemon zesty smell.

As we were talking someone commented that we should sell this on the Internet.

A week later we had a web site up and running and things just got better, We learned and noticed that we did not have to clean the stainless steel as often and could leave it for a week or so .this was great news again.

We started to sell the product on line slow at first one a day for the first few weeks then it started going up to two a day then three a day and then boxes of twelve.

We started getting emails Full of praise for the products.

The first e-mail was amazing and this is what it said:

WOW, I have just moved into a house with a stainless steel kitchen, why they call it stainless is beyond me as it’s a total nightmare to keep looking clean and shiny. I have bought lots of various stainless steel cleaners, that to be honest just made it look worse, however your product is simply amazing, the kitchen looks like new. and I didn’t have to work hard, just wipe. I know it sounds corny, but it really is as fantastic as the web site promises.
I can’t thank you enough for this amazing spray, I almost look forward to cleaning, well almost!

Tim, Essex

This is a genuine e-mail from one of our first customers and we thought it was a fake from one of our friends fooling around we couldn’t even think up such a great testimony.

We formed the stainless steel cleaning company limited on January 2002 and the word is spreading about cleaning stainless steel appliances made easy.

We offer a money back guarantee on this product.

We own and run a kitchen showroom in Warwick and we struggled for years to get a product that would clean our stainless steel displays of kitchen appliances, splashed backs , Work tops, cabinet handles etc. and the ultimate stainless steel cleaner is the answer.